About Us

Possible Worlds was created in January, 2013 from the minds of Boston based duo, Hannah and TJ. Possible Worlds is their attempt to create something distinctive through their love of art, clothing, Philosophy and their love/hate relationship with the internet. Possible Worlds offers unique and fantastically strange printed skirts without compromising on their personal ethics.

All of Possible Worlds' products are 100% ethically made in the USA. The entire process of producing a skirt was carefully and thoughtfully done, right down to the choice of fabric. Our skirts are made of a high quality 100% polyester that feels like a very soft and heavy cotton. This choice of fabric enables Possible Worlds to produce the most vibrant printed images on fabric. 

Hannah and TJ went to schools in the Boston area and both studied Philosophy and Physics. They both nearly went to graduate school, but strangely decided to make skirts instead. They both grew up on the internet. TJ loves Korean food and contemporary art. Hannah loves good tea and old movies. They are also engaged to be married. 

Possible Worlds is always striving to give their customers what they want! Please send your suggestions or comments here.